Saturday, February 28, 2009

Under the Weather

No fun post this weekend in the Haynes household. Trent has the Type A flu virus,which we' ve been told is the worse type to get; and I'm having to take medicine so that I MAY not develop it. He started feeling bad around Wednesday night and then ended up coming home from work mid-day on Thurday with a high fever. It pretty much went downhill from there. I was scared that he had strep because one of my patients that I see after work had gotten it, but no-the FLU...He ran 103 temp on Thursday night, and finally went to the Dr. on Friday. I don't think I've ever seen him this miserable. So! He is not suppose to be around people for 5 days-which I don't think he really cares about, because he hasn't even wanted to get out of the bed....On another note...I have put my good wife skills to the test! I spent over an hour in Wal-mart on Friday after work trying to pick up the $120 meds, since they were the only ones that had them. And since we had never bought meds at Wal-mart, it took them forever to get our insurance straight. Then I finally got home around 6:30 last night and proceeded to make HOMEMADE chicken noodle soup for my sweet husband. Which surprisingly turned out really good! ....and it felt really good on his throat. So...No fun weekend planned for us besides staying in and getting better! It's kind of a gloomy weekend anyway. We have weather in the high 60s this week and then a forcast for snow this weekend-GO FIGURE!
*Side note-Picture above is not from today, but Prissy and Trent both looked a little sad in it and that is how we feel right now. GO AWAY FLU!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say Cheese!!!!

We are ever so fortunate to have Trent's sister as our professional photographer! I was transferring some old files to our new computer and thought I would share some of the pics that she has done for us over the past three years. However, this sample does not even touch what is in our photo album. She will be back in the Wynne area around May! Spring is always a great time to have some family photos done!

Thanksgiving 2008
Prissy and Elvis

Memphis Photo 2008

Christmas Card 2007
I love this card!

I think this was around Christmas 2006.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love the One you're With!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Valentine's Day! Trent and I have had a very relaxing day so far! We slept in this morning, which was very nice, because last week seemed like a really looooong week. Then we made our new Saturday morning ritual of: eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins. Yum! We are trying out different blueberry muffins until we find our favorite one to stick with!
This year we gave ourselves a $20 limit for Valentine's Day. We like to buy gifts for each other and always tend to overspend. However, we are trying to save up for a new fence, so we decided to keep the spending to a minimum.
I had seen these brownies on a fellow blogger's site and told Trent that I would like to try them sometime, so he surprised me with Fat Witch brownies this week! They were very yummy! You might think I'm weird, but the breakfast brownie was my favorite one. It was toooo good!

And I got Trent this gray salt that he's been wanting. He used it when he was in culinary school and loves cooking with it. I'm excited for him to make me up some dishes!

Needless to say...we got both love our V-day gifts and we did a good job staying in our budget! (Last year he surprised me with a Garmin navigation system!) However, we do have plans to go see a movie today and pick up some steaks from the Fresh Market!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother!

Today is Elvis' 2nd Birthday!!!!!!!! Trent calls Elvis "Brother" ( I think it has to do with a fascination for a certain wrestler), but I like to call Elvis "Buddy". Poor dog he is probably so confused...Anyway our little king turned two today! I wonder if he has an enternal clock that made him feel older today!?!
A day in the life of Elvis: Wake up 6:00 a.m., daddy drags me outside because I don't want to go but I really have to use the bathroom, start barking at whatever I can, rest for a little while longer, eat a little, dig a little, find something to chew on, bark a little more, dig a little more, eat a little more, wait till mom and dad get home, bark for them to let me in the house, get in my kennel, take all the stuffing out of my bed, chew up whatever they give me, play with daddy, let daddy rub my tummy, go back to kennel and go to sleep!

We love you Elvis-and Prissy does too!

Elvis at Village Creak swimming, his favorite past time!

Our baby right after we got him.

He looks so young here!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mother Nature 2009

Yesterday Trent and I went up to my aunt and uncle's house in the very corner of Northeast Arkansas to help get some things out of their house. Their town was hit pretty bad by the ice storm last week, and as of right now they are saying it might be a month before some of the residents get power back. The devastation in that area is unreal. I have never seen that kind of damage from an ice storm. It looks like a tornado went through the town. The President has even declared it a disaster area. As we were driving up there we had to dodge high line wires and poles laying in the road, along with trees. Some streets you couldn't even go down because trees were laying across them. It will take a long time to clean up all the damage and recover. Please keep everyone that was affected by the ice storm in your prayers.