Sunday, October 3, 2010

Better Late than Never!

I have been a BAD blogger lately! Life got crazy with working this summer, then summer vacation, then starting back my first job, and so on and so on! But speaking of summer vacation, I wanted to try and update our blog with a slideshow from our little trip this summer. We had a nice little get away. It was really not long enough!
Trent and I took off the last week of July and headed to Durham NC (while stopping at Knoxville and Ashville). He has always wanted to see Duke's basketball arena, so that was first on our trip. Then we headed down to Charleston for a weekend and met up with two of my besties from grad school, Jonee' and Whitney and their fellas. We had a great time catching up and sight seeing! Charleston is such a beautiful city.
After we left Charleston, we headed down to Hilton Head-which we loved! Trent is dying to go back and stay longer. Then after leaving HH, we headed to Savannah for a bit! We were busy, busy! I truly loved our vacation and am so thankful that we were able to get away together, but next time I think I am staying in one spot!
On the way home we stopped at the GA Aquarium in Atlanta and just across the way- The World of Coke. Um....let's just say Trent was in heaven. Drinking coke is not really a habit I support of his, and he truly has gotten better about it. But that boys loves him some coke!

Above is our slideshow. I still haven't figured out how to combine everything into one post, so if anyone knows, please share the wealth!