Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall 2009

Finally.....I decided to update our blog tonight. It seems like we have been going non-stop since school started back! Trent was busy officiating this fall, and it seems like we were gone every weekend during the month of November..Fayetteville, New Orleans, Branson, and back to Fayetteville. We need a break for a while, but we may not get one with Christmas coming up. Speaking of Christmas.. I have GOT to find time to put my tree up this week. I am way behind!
This is a random mix of pics that we have taken lately to sum up Fall. I did not have any of NOLA on my camera to upload. I may have to steal some from my friend Jonee' later. We had such a great time in, and I can't wait to go back.

Here's Miss Priss at Halloween. She doesn't look to thrilled to be a hotdog does she? If we only knew what they were thinking.

Razorback game 09! We had so much fun! We love going back to visit Fayetteville. The highlights of the weekend: going to the game and going to Doe's! Yum! Trent is convinced we are going to move there some day.

This was taken on a recent trip to Fayettville on top of Mt. Sequoyah. I love this picture. It is so peaceful and refreshing and reminds you that God is in control of EVERYTHING!

We always like stopping by the Chi-O house. It's especially beautiful at Christmas time. Every time I go in I feel older and older!

And... one of my favorite places at Christmas time. I'm surprised Trent could put a smile on his face. This was right after the Hogs lost to LSU. However, this was his first time to see the lights at the square and it can be a breathtaking experience!