Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have been trying to come up with a fun name for our blog because I get bored with our title: "The Haynes Family"....even though we are: "The Haynes Family". I just wish we had something a little more catchy. This is something I was thinking about the other day while driving home. FYI: I've got too much time on my hands to think while driving home. Anyway..I've come up with a few, but I wanted to see if any of our readers had any input, first!?! So if you have any advice on what we could rename our blog, please drop me a line.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Baby, Baby...

My friend Sarah and I went to visit our friend Sara Neely last Friday night, because she just had a BABY GIRL, Hope Anne Neely. She was too cute and it was good to catch up with mother and baby. Plus, I got to hold her-which made me super excited. I love little babies!!!! The only time she cried was when I changed her diaper. The rest of the time she just purred like a little kitten. She was so, so sweet, and it gave me baby fever even more. Hopefully there will be a child in our near future, God willing.

Woo Pig Sooie!!!!!

We went to the Arkansas/Ole Miss game a couple of weeks ago. (As you can see, I'm trying to get caught up on post.) Even though we lost, we still had a great time in Fayetteville. My best friend Sarah and I met up with Christal, one of our sorority sisters, and went to see mom Sylvia at the Chi-O house before the game.
There never seems to be enough time to do everything that we want to when we go up there. I would like to find my name sometime on the Senior Walk and take some pictures on campus. But between shopping and eating at Does, Powerhouse, Rick's Bakery and I can't even remember what else, the weekend always goes by too fast!

Check out the new Razorback painted on the field!
Maybe we'll have better luck next year!

Somewhere over the Rainbow....

If you listen to the music on our blog, you know that we love this song. I guess you could say that it's one of those songs that just seems to make everything fall in place.
I've had these pics on my camera for about a month now and have been meaning to share them. I had a bad day at work one day. I don't think anything happened job wise. I was just in a funk and feeling sorry for myself. It had also rained, so it was just one of those days when you wanted to be at home inside. And if you know us, then you know we have NOT been at home a lot here lately..but that's changing. Anyway...As I was driving to my parents house after work, I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. The pictures do not do it justice. And I just thought to myself...After such a bad day, God sends me a pick me up!

Woof or Treat! I'm a little late posting these pics since Halloween was a couple of weeks ago. And for some reason they are turning up darker than they do on my camera.
Trent had a football game to officiate, so he did not get to participate in the festivities. (He's probably glad.) After I got off work on Halloween, I put Elvis' Razorback jersey on him and walked him down to a friend's house so her little boy could see him. Elvis loves kids, so it was a treat for him-even though kids can be scared of him sometimes. (He's a big dog!)...Then I went to get my purple monkey to take her trick or treating. If only dogs could talk! She's was not happy with her mamma. Little does she know, her daddy's already bought her costume for next year. Stay tuned!

Elvis and I walked by Eldrige Court. Always so festive!

Her sad face:(

Saying take this off of me.

This pic is right after he tackled me!