Sunday, May 8, 2011

Almost Time

I am WAY behind with our blog...partly because time is flying by...the other is because the computer that I put our pics on is upstairs, and I just don't venture up there that much right now. So, to play catch up a little...Right after I posted last, we had an offer on our house after about 4 years on the market. It sent me into a little of a panic at first. Wouldn't you know it..when the nursery is half way complete, someone would want our house. Long story short- we were suppose to be out by April 21st, but we are waiting for their house to sell. So the contract has been extended till June 30th. Whew! I can breathe again for a little bit. And I'm glad that we will be able to bring Ava home to her beautiful nursery.
In other news...If you are reading this, I guess it's evident that I have made it to 38 weeks! Yay! Short cervix and all..This pregnancy has been pretty easy for the most part, and I am thankful for that. Just for the sake of it, I'm going to do a Pregnancy Highlights-so I can remember this time.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 weeks and 1 day

Size of Ava: According to our weekly checkup last Friday, she is estimated to way a whopping 8 lbs and 6 ozs- and she's not even here yet.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 20 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yep! Yep! Got about 9 lbs of baby in this belly

Gender: We better be having a girl!

Movement: She was really active a couple of weeks ago, but the bigger she gets the less space she has in there. I still feel her every day. Now, it's just like whole body parts rolling across my stomach. She's really been responding to Trent and music.

Sleep: Is good till about 2 or 3 am. After that, I toss and turn for the rest of the night.

What I Miss: Absolutely nothing. I'm just ready for this sweet girl to get here!

Cravings: Let's see... Icee's still-especially coke Icee's. I feel like a bad mother admitting this but for the past two weeks, I have craved a coke everyday. Thank you Sonic happy hour! Other cravings: mushroom quesadillas with fresh pico de gallo-thank you Mi Pueblo! and the list goes on...

Symptoms: Waddle everywhere! I feel like I've become a side show attraction at school. The little kids love to make comments about the baby. The Junior High girls take one look at my stomach, then look at theirs, and then have this look of fear. I'm thinking it may be a good form of birth control for them.

Best Moment This Week: Was actually last Friday, when we found out her due date is moved up to May 18th with plans for an induction-if I don't go into labor before then! Exciting times!!! We are busy to last minute things in the Haynes household.

So to catch up to date a little more.. Here we go with some pics.

A sweet little diaper wreath for Baby Ava. You can't really see all of them, but there are these little wood humpty dumpty figures attached to ribbon that were on my nursery mobile when I was a baby.

Forrest City Baby Shower- April 3, 2011

It was beautiful, and we are so grateful for wonderful family and friends.
Ava is already one blessed and spoiled little girl.
Momma and Grandma Ava
Our sweet bassinet from the hostesses
My mom had this surprise for me. It was a framed picture of my great grandmother (Opal Leona), my mother (Ava Sue), me, and then we will put one in of Ava Leona when she's around the same age.
All of our sweet hostesses, me, and mom. Pretty sure my eyes are closed but oh well!
Soon to be family of 3-or 5 if you count our canine children!

I still have A LOT of catching up to do, but this is a start for now. Hopefully, I will get some more posts in before sweet baby comes but if not, life will go on! And how exciting it will be!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing catch up...

Wow! Where has the time gone? I don't even know where to start as it's close to a month since I posted anything. For starters...3rd trimester hit with a bang! We had a little scare around mid-late February. I had some weird pains one Thursday night and hadn't felt Ava move just a whole lot that week. This didn't really alarm me as she has not been a real active baby. But I called my OBGYN on Friday anyway, just to me on the safe side. They had me come in to do an exam and by a fluke chance at this Dr.'s visit determined that my cervix was a little short at that point in the pregnancy. The Dr. who saw me that day put me on bed rest for the weekend and scheduled a follow up visit for Monday, which needless to say freaked me out! I went in that Monday and they determined my cervix hadn't changed any, so that was good news! Basically from what I understand, is that your cervix shortens as your pregnancy progresses. So the fear would be that as she gets bigger and starts pressing down, my cervix won't be able to take it. The ultrasound tech reassured me, though, that she has monitored a woman all during her pregnancy that still ended up having to be induced in the end. So the good news right now is that my cervix is holding it's own, they are going to monitor it, and the longer she stays in there, the better...even though we are so ready to hold her! On a side note- If I get put on full bed rest, I'm not sure Trent's going to be able to handle it!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 week...and 2 days!
Size of Ava: 2 1/2 lbs and about the size of a butternut squash. (I think she probably weighs more than this as she was about this weight 2 weeks ago.)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10-11 lbs *I think. Our scale is broke, and we're too cheap to replace it right now. I really need to get on that. But I'm basically wearing the same clothes that I've been wearing the past couple of weeks.
Maternity Clothes: Definitely on the pants...still able to wear "some" regular tops. It's about time to go Spring shopping.
Gender: We cannot wait for Baby Ava to get here!
Movement: Some days she moves more than others, but for the most part she is still a pretty tame baby. She loves to respond to music!
Sleep: I sleep walk to the bathroom at least 5 times a night, and my body tends to get real sore if I lay on one side for an extended period of time.
What I Miss: Right now...Sleep!
Cravings: I had a craving for sherbet today and could have killed for an icee last night at Target-but the machine was out of order.
Symptoms: Expanding belly. Trent said my belly gets bigger each week-at least it's for a great purpose!
Best Moment This Week: I'm just so thankful to be pregnant and each week she stays in there and I feel her move, it's just reassuring that she's growing and everything's going to be alright.
And we had a FUN moment this week...Ava's first baby shower. Pics are below!
School Shower: March 3, 2011

Pics of her mommy and daddy to greet the guests

I didn't get a pic of what all she got. I'll try to get one later. We are SO thankful for all of my coworkers/friends. She is a lucky little girl to have such wonderful people in her life.

Ava's little diaper cake!

My mom had this surprise for us to open. The outfit is one that my grandmother Opal Leona made for me (Ava's name sake). And the pic is one that my mom had made of me before I was even a year old. Look at all that hair!

The wonderful hostesses that threw our shower and our awesome gift...the Baby Jogger City Select. I am SO excited about this stroller...and I LOVE all of these ladies!

Had to throw in a pic of the grandmothers! My mother (Ava's other name sake) is notorious for not opening her eyes in pics! Maybe little Ava will be able to help her grandma with some photo skills.
And here's the proud daddy! He's going to be such a good one!
We also had this little pic taken about a week ago. Let me just say...I am not a huge fan of these. I think most babies look the same in them and like they are covered in jello. Ours is no exception. Even though I love getting pics of my daughter, Trent and I both feel she kind of resembles something off Harry Potter in this pic. I accidentally put the really good one in her baby book tonight before I could scan it, so this one had to make the cut. She was actually breech the whole time (no matter how much sugar they tried to force down me), and she wanted to keep her head in the placenta-which made all the pictures cloudy. We thought the pic below was funny though because right before this was captured my mom said, "Ava- if you don't turn around where we can see you, I'm not going to buy you any more cute little outfits." She, in return, put her hand up by her face as if she were saying "Oh, no." So meet our future Harry Potter star or the next President of the U.S.!
In other good news: I passed my glucose test and Trent's on the straight A track in his Master's classes. I hope I don't jinx him by posting that!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lots of Snow and Less Than 100 days to Go!!

You would think with three and a half snow days last week that I would have updated the blog a lot sooner than right before going back to work on Sunday night...but I didn't. I was, however, more productive in other areas that needed attention around our home.
Trent and I both had a snow day on Monday, went to work Tuesday, and then both were released from work early on Wednesday before the blizzard hit. The weather reports were saying that this was the most snow our area had seen in years. I, personally, love snow..but do not like to drive on ice! We stayed in all day Wednesday. Then Trent made a birthday breakfast for our friend that lives down the road Thursday morning. We ventured over to the Burrows on Thursday night to take JP his Valentine's present. And then we finally got out of Marion late Friday afternoon. Trent and I decided to celebrate Valentine's a little early because we knew the weekend would be crazy with people wanting to get out and work would be even crazier with trying to play catch up. So we did a little shopping, had dinner at Jim's Place East and then went to see True Grit. You can tell we are playing catch up with our movie selection as it's been out for about 2 months now, but the pickings have been a little slim lately (Come on Hollywood!). Anyway...this will be our last Valentine's Day just the two of us, so we are trying to sit back and enjoy all of these LASTS before Ava gets here.
Other than going to Little Rock on Saturday to pick up a table for the nursery from a lady I found on Etsy (Have I mentioned that I LOVE that place!), we have enjoyed our time at home together.

Our little Porkchop is so excited about the snow!

And our canine son loves the snow as much as he loves his daddy! We'll look over and he'll just be eating it.

This is a TERRIBLE pic! Let me just say that I have no weather proof clothes at this point right now, so Trent loaned me some of his. This is probably the 3rd time of my life that I have ever worn camo-besides camo day for homecoming in high school. I felt like the Marshmallow man on ghost busters. Anyway...since this was taken on Thursday when my countdown hit the 100 day mark, I wanted a pic to remember it. I need to be better about taking belly pics but like I said before, it's just not that glamorous!

And the two of us...just rolled out of bed and weather proofed. That's about as real as you get!
And... on Saturday I hit the 26 week mark, so let me do a pregnancy weekend update :).
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby: Almost 2 lbs and about the length of an English hothouse cucumber-whatever that is!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I've gained back about 9 lbs out of the original lost, but our scale as been acting whack for the past couple of weeks and is showing that I've lost 15 to 20. That would be great if I weren't trying to grow a baby, so it's probably time for a new scale.
Maternity Clothes: Yes please!! It's time to do some Spring shopping. I can still wear some regular things but the maternity clothes are so much more comfy.
Gender: It's a girl! Ava Leona Haynes will be here in May!
Movement: She's still a pretty passive baby, but the thumps are feeling more like jabs. It makes me laugh to feel them for some reason.
Sleep: Had gotten better until here lately. I'm starting to see what 3rd trimester is going to be like.
What I Miss: Sleeping all the way the way through the night and not being able to eat sushi, undercooked steaks, etc....
Cravings: Um...pretty much have just wanted cucumber and tomato salad everyday for the past week-so weird. And I could probably eat a whole watermelon right now. I could also drink sweet tea all day long, but I don't!
Symptoms: Heart burn like you wouldn't believe! It seems that my nausea is starting to come back a little. It's getting harder to bend over and pick things up, and the list goes on....
Best Moment This Week: Feeling her move stronger and hitting the 100 day mark! Yippee!
Until next week...when we enter the 3rd trimester!!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

24 weeks and counting!

I've been a bad blogger lately...but between starting back work after Christmas, dealing with crazy weather, fighting off a mild case of the flu, and planning a has been a little busy! And I am loving every minute of it! Baby Ava's nursery is starting to come together! Yay! We went to pick up the chair and dresser this weekend, and her bed should be in this week. Now that all the big details seem to be underway, I can't wait to focus on the small details! She will be here before we know it :). And as much as I've planned this nursery out in my head for a long, long time...the most important thing is that she arrives here safely. She's not going to care what her room looks like at first! I did want to share a little peek at one of the inspiration fabrics for her room. The fabric below was picked out first, and then everything has fallen into place around it! I'll have to share pics of the finished product later on!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 24 weeks!
Size of Baby: About the size of a Rutabaga; as long as an ear of corn
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained about 5-7 lbs back of the original weight lost
Maternity Clothes: Most Definitely..the need is growing from one week to the next!
Gender: Every ultrasound confirms that Ava Leona will be joining our family! There has been no question!
Movement: Beginning to feel more noticeable thumps...Today in church it almost felt like she had the hiccups. I definitely feel her better in certain positions-like leaning back in bed or in a chair.
Sleep: Has actually gotten better the last few weeks. Maybe I'm getting used to being uncomfortable. I still have to get up about three times during the night.
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: Still Icee's, fruit, appetite is def coming back.
Symptoms: Protruding stomach...nausea seems to be gone! Praise the Lord!
Best Moment This Week: Everytime I feel my daughter move inside me, it's all the more reassuring and I love it!
These were taken a little over 23 weeks. Everytime I look at them, I feel blessed beyond measure!

I think it already looks like she has a little round face! She has no hope between me and Trent!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

20 weeks down, 20 to go!!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 weeks (and 1 day today)!
Size of Baby: About the size of a banana
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still not gained a whole lot back from what I lost..maybe a couple of pounds. Dr. is not concerned though because the baby is growing!
Maternity Clothes: Yep! Definitely at that point. I'm having to wear more and more maternity shirts to cover the belly band on most of my pants.
Gender: It's a GIRL!! Ava Leona Haynes. My regular Dr. confirmed this, also, about a week ago!
Movement: Definitely feeling little flutters more, although, she doesn't seem to be a very active baby even on her ultrasounds. New Year's Eve night she thumped by stomach so hard I could feel it with my hand!
Sleep: What sleep?
What I Miss: Uninterrupted sleep
Craving: Icee's (all the time), still salads and fruit, and mexican food (which Trent discourages more often than not).
Symptoms: Nausea seems to have decreased somewhat. Stomach is protruding a little more. Bathroom trips are increasing again. And WOW! The heartburn I have been experiencing makes you want to curl up into a little ball.
Best Moment This Week: Everyday is a great day knowing she is growing inside of me and feeling her little flutters is all the more reassuring! Hitting the 20 week mark is exciting in itself!