Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our new Running Back!

Elvis loves to play with the little boys that live close to Trent's parents and they love to play with him. He got a special treat the other week when they were throwing a football around in the street and decided to include him in a game. I swear he thought that he was just as much a real boy as they were. When the neighbor asked the boys if they wanted to take a break and get a popsicle, he thought she was asking him, too! Trent seems to think that Elvis could help the HOGS out this year!

Elvis saying, "Hey guys pass it to me! I promise I'll give it back!"

He was a tired little dog after the game was over with. He just sat in the grass and panted for what seemed like the longest.

It's time for mums!!

I love this time of the year. The weather is starting to get cooler-some weeks. The leaves on the trees will hopefully be changing soon. You can already see a few trees changing. And-everyone has beautiful mums on their front steps.

Trent and I made a trip out to Carriage Crossing a couple of weeks ago and swung by this really cool nursery one of our friends told us about. I think it was called Dabney's (not really sure about the spelling). Anyway, they had huge mums at really reasonable prices. The above pic was taken a couple of weeks ago. The mums are in full bloom now and look really pretty with the wreath on the front door.
Side Note: HOUSE FOR SALE!!!!!! If anyone reading our blog knows someone looking for a house in the Marion/Memphis area send them our way!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How bout THESE melons

Trent decided to get a green thumb around mid July and plant a watermelon plant in our backyard. This was his first time to ever plant one, and he said he just wanted to see what it would do. As you can see we are having a late harvest and it's taking up a nice section of our backyard...He said next year we are going to plant watermelons and pumpkins. Who knows, maybe we'll be gathering pumpkins next Christmas. Who ever knew that my husband would turn out to be a little farmer?