Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Fun

We took our neices and nephew to the the Children's Museum of Memphis for their belated birthday presents over the summer. We had soooo much FUN playing and making memories! I love the CMOM! It's a great place for kids that's not only fun but educational.
I think their favorite thing there was the replica of the Mississippi river that you could fish in. I know it was Garrett's. We had to drag him away from it the first time, just to make sure he could see everything the museum had to offer; but that's the one thing he kept going back to.
The kids were also a little unsure of the Orpheum dress-up stage at first, but I think they ended up playing on it for about an hour...dancing and just having a good time!

Here's Lawson and Garrett at the river!

Trent helping Kennedy fish!

Kennedy pushing her shopping cart around the store!

Trent helping Garrett put on an adult size fireman's uniform! I think that part was Garrett's 2nd favorite at the museum. He loved the firetruck and police car!

Lawson inside the disco room! She was a little hesitant at first!
I asked Lawson as we were leaving if she had a good time....She said, "We didn't have a GOOD time, we had a GREAT time!"...Awe...She melts my heart!