Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lots of Snow and Less Than 100 days to Go!!

You would think with three and a half snow days last week that I would have updated the blog a lot sooner than right before going back to work on Sunday night...but I didn't. I was, however, more productive in other areas that needed attention around our home.
Trent and I both had a snow day on Monday, went to work Tuesday, and then both were released from work early on Wednesday before the blizzard hit. The weather reports were saying that this was the most snow our area had seen in years. I, personally, love snow..but do not like to drive on ice! We stayed in all day Wednesday. Then Trent made a birthday breakfast for our friend that lives down the road Thursday morning. We ventured over to the Burrows on Thursday night to take JP his Valentine's present. And then we finally got out of Marion late Friday afternoon. Trent and I decided to celebrate Valentine's a little early because we knew the weekend would be crazy with people wanting to get out and work would be even crazier with trying to play catch up. So we did a little shopping, had dinner at Jim's Place East and then went to see True Grit. You can tell we are playing catch up with our movie selection as it's been out for about 2 months now, but the pickings have been a little slim lately (Come on Hollywood!). Anyway...this will be our last Valentine's Day just the two of us, so we are trying to sit back and enjoy all of these LASTS before Ava gets here.
Other than going to Little Rock on Saturday to pick up a table for the nursery from a lady I found on Etsy (Have I mentioned that I LOVE that place!), we have enjoyed our time at home together.

Our little Porkchop is so excited about the snow!

And our canine son loves the snow as much as he loves his daddy! We'll look over and he'll just be eating it.

This is a TERRIBLE pic! Let me just say that I have no weather proof clothes at this point right now, so Trent loaned me some of his. This is probably the 3rd time of my life that I have ever worn camo-besides camo day for homecoming in high school. I felt like the Marshmallow man on ghost busters. Anyway...since this was taken on Thursday when my countdown hit the 100 day mark, I wanted a pic to remember it. I need to be better about taking belly pics but like I said before, it's just not that glamorous!

And the two of us...just rolled out of bed and weather proofed. That's about as real as you get!
And... on Saturday I hit the 26 week mark, so let me do a pregnancy weekend update :).
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby: Almost 2 lbs and about the length of an English hothouse cucumber-whatever that is!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I've gained back about 9 lbs out of the original lost, but our scale as been acting whack for the past couple of weeks and is showing that I've lost 15 to 20. That would be great if I weren't trying to grow a baby, so it's probably time for a new scale.
Maternity Clothes: Yes please!! It's time to do some Spring shopping. I can still wear some regular things but the maternity clothes are so much more comfy.
Gender: It's a girl! Ava Leona Haynes will be here in May!
Movement: She's still a pretty passive baby, but the thumps are feeling more like jabs. It makes me laugh to feel them for some reason.
Sleep: Had gotten better until here lately. I'm starting to see what 3rd trimester is going to be like.
What I Miss: Sleeping all the way the way through the night and not being able to eat sushi, undercooked steaks, etc....
Cravings: Um...pretty much have just wanted cucumber and tomato salad everyday for the past week-so weird. And I could probably eat a whole watermelon right now. I could also drink sweet tea all day long, but I don't!
Symptoms: Heart burn like you wouldn't believe! It seems that my nausea is starting to come back a little. It's getting harder to bend over and pick things up, and the list goes on....
Best Moment This Week: Feeling her move stronger and hitting the 100 day mark! Yippee!
Until next week...when we enter the 3rd trimester!!!!!